Views from the AI Community

“The Partnership on AI initiative could not come at a better time. Artificial Intelligence technologies are increasingly becoming part of our daily lives, and AI will significantly impact society in the years ahead. Fostering a shared dialogue and building common cause is crucial. We look forward to working with the Partnership on AI to educate the public and ensure that these technologies serve humanity in beneficial and responsible ways.”

Vicki L. Hanson, President, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

“These are truly exciting times for AI. The rapid research advances are expanding the scientific scope and day-to-day impact of the field, and are spawning enormous public interest. The time is ripe for a concerted job, of the kind this partnership promises, towards fostering the public’s understanding of how AI will augment and benefit our lives, and facilitating thoughtful dialogue about the responsible uses of this technology. As the scientific society dedicated to the advancement of AI, AAAI is thus delighted at the formation of the Partnership on AI by the industry leaders, and looks forward to working closely with it.”

Subbarao Kambhampati, President, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)

“We’ve seen a very fast development in AI over a very short period of time. This field brings exciting opportunities for companies and public organizations and yet, it raises legitimate questions in the public about the way these developments will be conducted. Bringing together the major players in the field is the best way to ensure we all share the same values and overall objectives to serve the common good.”

“Le développement de l’intelligence artificielle a été extrêmement rapide au cours des dernières années. Ces nouvelles technologies ouvrent des possibilités infinies aux organisations publiques et privées qui s’y intéressent. Elles suscitent toutefois des craintes du public sur la façon dont ces développements se feront et nous devons apporter des réponses à ces questions légitimes. Réunir au sein d’un groupe les grands acteurs du domaine représente la meilleure façon de nous assurer que nous partageons les mêmes valeurs et les mêmes grands objectifs de servir le bien public.”

Yoshua Bengio, Professor, University of Montreal and Scientific Director, IVADO

“This extraordinary non-profit partnership underscores the tremendous potential of utilizing AI for the common good. We are looking forward to joining it.”

Oren Etzioni, CEO, Allen Institute for AI (AI2)

“The latest advances in AI research and technology are likely to bring sweeping changes to every aspect of human life and our society. At this historical moment of the AI revolution, I am very pleased to see the coming together of the giants of the technology world who are at the forefront of innovating and disseminating AI to bear the responsibilities for the important discussions of AI and our society. Together, they have taken the leadership to invite us all to participate in the discussions and exchanges of ideas of the important issues brought by the AI revolution. I look forward to seeing the discussions and research supported by this immensely important efforts. And I applaud all of the participating company.”

Fei-Fei Li, Associate Professor & Director, Stanford AI Lab

“We applaud this bold and innovative step by major industry leaders to engage the computing research community in an open discussion about avenues for AI to have a positive impact in our society. As an organization that represents both academic and industrial computer science researchers, the Computing Community Consortium recognizes the importance of connecting long-term fundamental research to societal needs. We look forward to working with the Partnership on AI to catalyze, enable, and scale AI innovations and to maximize its benefits to transportation, healthcare, education, science, and many other national priorities.”

Elizabeth Mynatt, Chair, Computing Community Consortium
Gregory D. Hager, Past Chair, Computing Community Consortium

“A small number of large corporations are today the powerhouses behind the development of sophisticated artificial intelligence. The inauguration of the Partnership on AI is a very welcome step towards ensuring this technology is used wisely.”

Murray Shanahan, Professor of Cognitive Robotics, Imperial College London

“My sincere congratulations and appreciation for this new partnership. In a world of constant division and competition, a partnership of this nature is a tremendous hope for AI researchers to channel their discoveries to impact the most compelling societal needs as best known to industry.”

Manuela Veloso, Herbert A. Simon University Professor and Head, Machine Learning Department, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

“AI is set to have transformative impacts on society over the coming years and decades. It is therefore encouraging that the industry is taking the initiative to create a forum in which technology leaders can share best practices and discuss what it means to be a responsible innovator in this burgeoning field.”

Professor Nick Bostrom, Oxford University, Director of Future of Humanity Institute