AI has the potential to create positive social change around the world. Therefore we need to understand and address the possible risks it poses for society. To do so requires building new ways of working together that reach across sectors, borders, disciplines and perspectives. I look forward to contributing to the Board of the Partnership on AI and supporting its leadership in building an international community from research, policy, civil society and industry to examine AI’s societal implications, supporting innovation that is responsible, equitable and beneficial for people.

As Vice-President, Engagement and Public Policy at CIFAR, Rebecca founded the Institute’s knowledge mobilization practice, bringing together experts in industry, civil society, and government to accelerate the societal impact of CIFAR’s research programs. In 2017, she was responsible for the launch of CIFAR’s AI & Society program to support international working groups on the questions AI poses for all aspects of policy and society. In 2019, she launched CIFAR Solution Networks to support multi-year, international teams to develop responsible approaches to real-world applications of AI. She is also responsible for CIFAR’s partnerships with governments and public sector organizations worldwide.

Prior to joining CIFAR, Rebecca held leadership roles in research and civil society organizations including as Group Director, Public Affairs and Cancer Control for the Canadian Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute of Canada. She began her career in the private sector building strategic partnerships, including as First Vice President, Financial Institution and Partnership Marketing for Bank One International. In 2019, Rebecca was honoured as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). She holds degrees from the University of Cambridge and McGill University. She is an active volunteer on non-profit, foundation and hospital boards.

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