AI is arguably the most transformative technology in the world right now. More than just a science, economists call it a general-purpose technology. AI is transforming industries like healthcare, transportation, farming, and education, and others by helping solve incredibly complex problems at scale. As our dependency on AI increases, it becomes necessary to deeply understand the risks and societal consequences, for example of relying on AI for consequential decisions by a judge, a doctor or a recruiter. Making sure AI is used responsibly and for the benefit of all requires an extraordinary collaboration of the magnitude brought by the Partnership on AI. We are honored to be a part of this journey.

Joaquin is a Director of Engineering in AI at Facebook. He built the AML (Applied Machine Learning) team, driving product impact at scale through applied research in machine learning, language understanding, computer vision, computational photography, augmented reality, and other AI disciplines. AML also built the unified AI platform that powers all production applications of AI across the family of Facebook products. Joaquin is now focused on new AI challenges, including the ethics of AI.

Prior to this, Joaquin built and taught a new machine learning course at the University of Cambridge, worked at Microsoft Research, and conducted postdoctoral research at three institutions in Germany, including the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics. He received his PhD from the Technical University of Denmark.