Machine learning and AI should augment human abilities, enabling incredible new experiences while protecting the privacy of users’ personal information. I am thrilled to join the board of the Partnership on AI to help fulfill the vision of achieving both of these aims.

Jerremy is the Director of AI Research at Apple, where he leads the AI Research Group that engages in research of artificial intelligence and machine learning applied to autonomous systems, natural interaction, algorithms, tools, health, and wellness as part of Apple’s AI/ML organization. Earlier in his career at Apple, Jerremy led the Media Science Group where computer vision and machine intelligence were applied to camera and photo algorithms such as face detection & recognition, scene analysis, image auto-enhancement, and smart image adjustment.

Prior to joining Apple, Jerremy worked as group manager in Pixar’s Studio Tools team, and as a Research Scientist and Department Manager at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories. Jerremy has architected large solutions including telecommunication fraud management solutions for HP, and robotics and automation control solutions for Mountain Computer. He is listed as an inventor or co-inventor on 19 issued U.S. Patents, and numerous patent applications.

Jerremy holds a Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree from University of California, Santa Cruz. He is a member of the Organizing Committee for BayLearn, an annual machine learning symposium held in the San Francisco Bay Area.