Gretchen Greene is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Partnership on AI. Greene is exploring member interests in collaborative research and best practices developed in computer vision applications.

Greene is an international AI policy advisor, Yale-trained lawyer, computer vision scientist, and former U.S. national lab mathematician. Greene has written decision making algorithms for autonomous car navigation, terrorist tracking, and Hollywood animation, been interviewed by the Economist and Forbes China and published in machine learning, policy and science journals. 

Greene’s AI and governance work with international government clients, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Law School, MIT Media Lab and Harvard Berkman Klein Center has included developing best practices for AI and ethics in government, universities and industry, advising governments on AI and AV strategy, risk and policy and facilitating collaboration across and between governments and between companies and academics. As founder of Greene Strategy and Analytics and an Affiliate Researcher and member of the AI and Governance Assembly at MIT Media Lab and Harvard Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, Greene led the creation of a forthcoming government briefing book on emerging technology and human rights (with 16 contributors from MIT, Harvard and organizations across the world and planned distribution to government agencies and NGOs in six continents). With government partners, Greene co-led the creation of a nine agency city and province-level collaboration to develop AI best practices in B.C., Canada and connected the regional, national and international G7 and D9 countries’ AI best practices efforts. Greene’s research teams at MIT and Harvard have focused on city AI use and facial recognition adversarial attacks and policy

Greene has a C.Phil. and M.S. in mathematics from UCLA and a J.D. from Yale. Greene is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and California.

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