We’re thrilled to combine the perspective of OpenAI with that of other nonprofits and industry leaders to work together to design safe, ethical AI systems. AI will likely be one of the most significant technologies ever invented by humans, so it’s critical at this stage in the development of AI that we all work together to educate the world about the capabilities of the technology, measure its progression, and ensure it is developed in a responsible manner. The best way to ensure a good future is to invent it together.

Dario is a research scientist at OpenAI where he concentrates on reinforcement learning and safety. Prior to that he worked at Google and Baidu. He is the co-author of Concrete Problems in AI Safety, which explores practical issues in making modern machine learning systems behave in a safe and reliable manner. Dario also helped to lead the project that developed Baidu’s Deep Speech 2, a human-level speech recognition system which was named one of 10 “Breakthrough Technologies of 2016” by MIT Technology Review. He has also done work in natural language processing and computational biology. Dario is also a scientific advisor for the Open Philanthropy Project, where he advises on the societal impacts of machine learning technologies. He holds a PhD in physics from Princeton University, where he was awarded the Hertz Foundation doctoral thesis prize.