Claire Leibowicz is a Program Lead directing the strategy and execution of projects in the Partnership on AI’s (PAI) AI and Media Integrity portfolio. Under Claire’s leadership, this program area includes work focused on coordinated solutions for synthetic and manipulated content,  effective ways to communicate media manipulation to the public, and evaluation of content targeting and ranking systems.

Claire also oversees PAI’s AI and Media Integrity Steering Committee—a formal body of PAI Partners from civil society, media, and technology organizations working to develop and advise projects that strengthen information integrity solutions. Members of this committee include multidisciplinary experts from Amazon, BBC, CBC, Facebook, First Draft, Microsoft, The New York Times, WITNESS, and XPRIZE. With Claire’s guidance, the AI and Media Integrity Steering Committee provided guidance on the Deepfake Detection Challenge.

Claire’s insights on AI and Media Integrity have appeared in publications such as Axios, Consumer Reports, The Hill, TechTarget, and IEEE Spectrum. She’s presented the work she leads at PAI at conferences such as NeurIPS, RightsCon, the Berkman Klein Center, MIT, and Princeton Workshop on AI and Ethics, and Trust and Truth Online.  Claire holds a BA in Psychology and Computer Science, Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude, from Harvard College, and a master’s degree in the Social Science of the Internet from Balliol College, University of Oxford, where she studied as a Clarendon Scholar.