Carroll Wainwright is a Research Scientist at Partnership on AI, working within PAI Labs. He is focused on technical aspects of AI safety, including safety benchmarks for reinforcement learning agents and algorithms, measuring unintended side effects, and understanding uncertainty and calibration in deep neural networks.

Prior to joining PAI, Carroll has worked as a physicist, data scientist, and software engineer. He earned his Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University of California Santa Cruz in 2013 where he studied phase transitions in the very early universe. Carroll then jumped into the start-up space: he crafted algorithms to classify personalized household water usage at Buoy Labs, and he lead software development at Metaculus, a platform that crowd-sources predictions on scientific and technological progress. In 2018 Carroll became very concerned with issues relating to AI safety. He spent much of the year building expertise in the subject, and won a grant from the Machine Intelligence Research Institute to focus on problems in deep reinforcement learning.