Bogdana (Bobi) Rakova is a Research Fellow at the Partnership on AI. Her work is focused on exploring the intersection of organizational structure and the work within fairness, accountability, and transparency of AI systems as well as technical and non-technical tools and metrics frameworks for AI systems.

Bobi is a Data Scientist, part of the Responsible AI team at Accenture as well as a contributor to the IEEE P7010 Well-being Metrics Standard for Ethical Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems. She was part of the Assembly: Ethics and Governance of AI program in 2018, a collaboration between the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School and the MIT Media Lab. Previously, a Machine Learning research engineer at an innovation lab at Samsung Research, a student and later a teaching fellow at Singularity University, also a startup co-founder in the intersection of AI, Future of Work, and Manufacturing. Bogdana has done research in the fields of Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency of ML, and AI For Social Good. She is passionate about social change through response-able systems that empower everyone to participate. Bobi is also part of the editorial board at a Special Issue of Springer’s International Journal of Community Well-Being focused on the intersection of AI and Community Well-Being as well as part of the board at Happiness Alliance, where her work is focused on the intersection of AI and community well-being.