Alice Xiang is a Research Scientist at the Partnership on AI, working within PAI Labs. She is focused on fairness, transparency, and accountability in AI.

Prior to joining PAI, Alice worked as an attorney at Gunderson Dettmer, representing startups and venture capital firms in a wide variety of industries, ranging from financial technology to 3D printing. While in law school, her clinical work included advising jurisdictions on data sharing arrangements between their criminal justice and mental health systems and researching technological unemployment. Alice also has a background in economic policy research and data science. She has previously worked at the Federal Reserve and at LinkedIn, where she first became interested in algorithmic fairness. An interdisciplinary researcher, she has published a peer-reviewed empirical paper on affirmative action in Statistical Science and a paper on art investment vehicles in the Yale Law Journal.

Alice holds a Juris Doctor from Yale Law School, a Master’s in Development Economics from Oxford, a Master’s in Statistics from Harvard, and a Bachelor’s in Economics from Harvard.