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AI, Labor, and the Economy Case Study Compendium

The impact of artificial intelligence on the economy, labor, and society has long been a topic of debate — particularly in the last decade — amongst policymakers, business leaders, and the broader public. To help elucidate these various areas of uncertainty, the Partnership on AI’s Working Group on “AI, Labor, and the Economy” conducted a series of case studies across three geographies and industries, using interviews with management as an entry point to investigate the productivity impacts and labor implications of AI implementation.


Report on Algorithmic Risk Assessment Tools in the U.S. Criminal Justice System

This report documents the serious shortcomings of risk assessment tools in the U.S. criminal justice system, most particularly in the context of pretrial detentions, though many of our observations also apply to their uses for other purposes such as probation and sentencing. Gathering the views of the artificial intelligence and machine learning research community, PAI has outlined ten largely unfulfilled requirements that jurisdictions should weigh heavily and address before further use of risk assessment tools in the criminal justice system.

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