OPTIC Technology Network


OPTIC Network is an international organization fostering human mission in the world of technology. It explores ethical challenges related to the development of disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, autonomous warfare and blockchain. While OPTIC was founded by the Order of Preachers, it remains independent, cultivating the long tradition of the dialogue between science and wisdom. It develops knowledge, ethical frameworks and proprietary tools, as well as facilitates discussion among parties representing diverse cultural, spiritual and professional backgrounds. OPTIC is also active in the field of impact innovation. It spearheads a number of initiatives aimed at helping both start-ups and mature businesses create positive social impact and operate in accordance with the highest ethical standards. An organizer of the first in the history Vatican hackathon, the organization is also a partner to a number of start-up accelerators and industry organizations. OPTIC works with prominent tech companies, such as: Google, Microsoft and Salesforce. On its board sit: HE Prince Nikolaus von Lichtenstein, Bruno Cadore (Master of the Dominican Order), Joi Ito (Director of MIT Media Lab), Reid Hoffman (Co-founder of LinkedIn) and others.

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