Established to study and formulate best practices on AI technologies, to advance the public’s understanding of AI, and to serve as an open platform for discussion and engagement about AI and its influences on people and society.



We are at an inflection point in the development and application of AI technologies. The upswing in AI competencies, fueled by data, computation, and advances in algorithms for machine learning, perception, planning, and natural language, promise great value to people and society. However, with successes come new concerns and challenges based on the effects of those technologies on people’s lives…


Develop and Share Best Practices

Support research, discussions, identification, sharing, and recommendation of best practices in the research, development, testing, and fielding of AI technologies. Address such areas as fairness and inclusivity, explanation and transparency, security and privacy, values and ethics, collaboration between people and AI systems, interoperability of systems, and of the trustworthiness, reliability, containment, safety, and robustness of the technology.

Provide an Open and Inclusive Platform for Discussion and Engagement

Create and support opportunities for AI researchers and key stakeholders, including people in technology, law, policy, government, civil liberties, and the greater public, to communicate directly and openly with each other about relevant issues to AI and its influences on people and society. Ensure that key stakeholders have the knowledge, resources, and overall capacity to participate fully.

Advance Public Understanding

Advance public understanding and awareness of AI by multiple constituencies, including writing and other communications on core technologies, potential benefits, and costs. Act as a trusted and expert point of contact as questions, concerns, and aspirations arise from the public and others in the area of AI. Regularly update key constituents on the current state of AI progress.

Identify and Foster Aspirational Efforts in AI for Socially Beneficial Purposes

Seek out, support, celebrate, and highlight aspirational efforts in AI for socially benevolent applications. Identify areas of untapped opportunity, including promising technologies and applications not being explored by academia and industry R&D.


Engagement of Experts

The regular engagement of experts across multiple disciplines (including but not limited to psychology, philosophy, economics, finance, sociology, public policy, and law) to discuss and provide guidance on emerging issues related to the impact of AI on society.

Engagement of Other Stakeholders

The engagement of AI users and developers, as well as representatives of industry sectors that may be impacted by AI (such as healthcare, financial services, transportation, commerce, manufacturing, telecommunications, and media) to support best practices in the research, development, and use of AI technology within specific domains.

Third-Party Support

The design, execution, and financial support of objective third-party studies on best practices for the ethics, safety, fairness, inclusiveness, trust, and robustness for AI research, applications, and services. The identification and celebration of important work in these fields. The support of aspirational projects in AI that would greatly benefit people and society.

Informational Material Development

The development of informational materials on the current and future likely trajectories of research and development in core AI and related disciplines.


We believe that artificial intelligence technologies hold great promise for raising the quality of people’s lives and can be leveraged to help humanity address important global challenges such as climate change, food, inequality, health, and education.


In support of the mission to benefit people and society, the Partnership on AI intends to conduct research, organize discussions, share insights, provide thought leadership, consult with relevant third parties, respond to questions from the public and media, and create educational material that advance the understanding of AI technologies including machine perception, learning, and automated reasoning.

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